The California Water Action Collaborative (CWAC) is a platform for diverse stakeholders - including leading environmental organizations, food & beverage companies, agricultural producers, and others - to come together and pursue collective action projects that will improve California's water security for people, business, agriculture and nature. 

  • MillerCoors was a founding member of CWAC and continues to lead from the steering committee because the company recognizes that water is critical to life, nature, communities and business. California is experiencing one of its worst droughts, and collaboration that truly focuses on collective action is an impactful and necessary way to address the state's water resource issues.
    — Jonah Smith | Sustainability Manager, MillerCoors
  • Water in California is ground zero for considering how we will meet the needs of people, business and nature in a crowded world and in dry times. CWAC provides a forum for the food and beverage industry, non-profits and leading thinkers to to take a big picture view of how we achieve a sustainable water future as well as a conduit for testing ideas in real places on the ground right now to inform that future.
    — Brian Stranko | California Water Program Director, The Nature Conservancy
  • Water is a shared resource – one that communities, industry, government and the agricultural sector all rely on to ensure our shared prosperity. However, many of these groups have not found an effective tool to collaborate and address common water challenges in California; until now. CWAC will help members uncover new and creative ways to work together and define and take actions that benefit us all. We're excited to be part of a model for collective action with the potential to be replicated in other regions.
    — Nelson Switzer | Chief Sustainability Officer, Nestlé Waters North America
  • I have been impressed by the "roll-your-sleeves-up attitude" of CWAC members. I am thrilled to be working with a group so committed to demonstrable change for water resiliency in CA.
    — Genevieve Taylor | Senior Facilitator, Ag Innovations


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