Water is the lifeblood of California. From the farmlands of the Central Valley, to the data centers of Silicon Valley, to the neighborhoods of the San Fernando Valley, our state depends on plentiful freshwater to sustain our communities, economy and natural wonders.
But California’s water is not infinite. Nor is it always safe, clean, or easily accessible. As we’ve seen in recent years, the impacts of drought, population growth, aging infrastructure, climate change, and other challenges increasingly threaten the long-term sustainability of our freshwater resources.
It's clear that California’s water issues are too big to tackle alone; we need to find new ways to act together to protect and conserve our most precious resource. Our state is known for its creativity, enterprising spirit and environmental leadership. It’s time to harness those strengths to improve our collective water security.
With California the world’s fifth-largest economy, California’s business sector has a critical role to play in securing the state’s water future. It’s in this spirit that we - food and beverage companies, environmental non-profits, farmers, start-ups, foundations, and other water thought leaders - are joining forces. Together we are working to design, implement, and scale actions that collectively address the state’s most pressing water challenges.